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Penetration Hooks is a brand new fishing Hook company bringing innovation to the avid fisherman! We are doing this by offering the newest Fishing Hook design on the market! Penetration Hooks are designed in order to fit closer to the bait while also putting the hook further down on the bait for deeper Hook Penetration and ultimately the perfect Hookset! Orders $15.00 and over now receive Free Shipping!

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  • Penetration Hooks Line up!

    The Newest Line of Penetration Hooks are here! The E, F, and J hooks complete our collection and now we have a Hook for almost any plastic bait that does not require a weighted Hook! Penetration Hooks are designed with the Length and Thickness of the bait in mind and likewise is a the tool to figure out the perfect Bait and Hook combo.



    The "A" and "B" Hooks are for big baits (8 - 12 inches) in length and you would choose between either the "A" or "B" Hook on the thickness of the bait, for example thicker bait like a Magnum Super Fluke fits perfect on the "A" Hook while a long 12 inch worm works best with the "B" Hook.


    The next group of hooks are Penetration Hooks "E" and "F" Hooks They are designed for fishing baits that are (4-8 inches) in length and a thicker diameter. These Hooks are our most universal Hooks and fit the most baits, The "E" hook is designed for fishing water that has a lot of debris the "E" Hook was designed to sit as flush to the bait as possible while also putting the barb as far down into the striking zone  as possible to stop Short Strikes. The "F" Hook was designed to fish in more open waters and with baits that are a little thicker in diameter to insure the plastic has plenty of room between the bottom shank and the barb to have the best HookSet possible. 


    The "G" and "H" hooks are Penetration Hooks smallest 2/0 models and designed to fish smaller baits that are (3-8 inches) in length and skinny in diameter. The "G" and "H" hooks are for baits with a thin diameter like trick worms and Fluke Jrs. These Hooks also fit more flush to the baits while allowing the barb to be into the striking zone. It is important to note that these Hooks are for baits that are not thick. These Hooks were designed with a thiner diameter wire to fit skinner baits and there fore do not work as well on baits that are thick. 


    The "J" Hook is Penetration Hooks Shortest model 4/0 Hook and designed to work with baits that have at least a 2 inch Body. The "J" Hook was designed to be a Flipping Style Hook and with this in mind we designed it with a thicker wire than our other shorter models to not only withstand the large Fish but also any grass and or debris that will come with this style of fishing. The Penetration Hooks Design adds two more bends onto a traditional Hook which gives the hook itself a point a leverage to help make itself stronger! 


    The most important thing that we want our fisherman to know when using Penetration Hooks is that it is important to choose your bait/Hook combo on being able to both Sink the eye of the Hook and put the of the Hook into the Striking zone of the bait. The Newest Penetration Hooks model utilizes our newest innovation which is an enlarged Eye of the hook and this purpose was to Hold the bait in place! We figured if the eye of the Hook had to be there (to tie the Knot) we would also give it another use as well and that is what birthed our enlarged Eye and keeper on the Hook for the Baits! 


    Thank you guys for your continued support and we will do our best to bring you the Best Hooks Possible!

    Dustin Miles

    Penetration Hooks

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