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High-Quality Fishhooks in a Full Range of Sizes

Catch the big one with innovative fishhooks from Penetration Hooks. We sell high-quality hooks that are designed to ensure deeper hook penetration and fit closer to the bait to help you achieve the perfect hookset every time. These hooks come in a range of sizes and can accommodate baits ranging from 2" to 12" in length. Our patented hooks are designed for either top-water or deep-water baits, and they work with both Texas and Carolina rigging. Contact us to learn more about using our hooks with your fishing equipment.

Model A Fish Hook Cover Page

Designed for top and deep water as well as heavy cover, these hooks are perfect for thicker baits. The "A" hook was designed around the Magnum Super Fluke. The "A" hook is ideal for a 12" worm.

"A" Hooks
Model E & F Fish Hook Cover Pages

These are our most versatile hooks, and they can be used with most plastic baits. The "E" hook and the "F" hook  is designed for top water and deep water. The "E" hook is designed to longer, thinner plastic baits and the "F" hook is designed for the larger diameter plastic baits.

"E" & "F" Hooks
Model G & H Fish Hook Cover Pages

The "G" and "H" hooks are our smallest models. They're excellent choices for thin baits, such as trick worms, and finesse worm.

"G" & "H" Hooks
Model J Fish Hook Cover Page

The "J" hook is designed to be a flipping-style hook. It features a thicker wire that enables it to withstand large fish and any grass or debris that comes with this style of fishing.

"J" Hooks

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